100630 Hongki Cyworld Update
2010.06.30 수 15:25

너무 잘해주셨던 형이였는데..
You were a hyung that took care of me so well..
늘 좋은 말만해주셨던 형이였는데..
You were a hyung that only gave me compliments and encouragement..
빈소찾아가지못해 정말죄송합니다…
Because I cannot visit you I am so sorry… *[빈 소 is a room where the coffin is placed before the funeral]
꼭 좋은곳 가시길바랄께요…
I wish that you will receive only good things…
I won’t forget you….

Credits: Hongki’s cy+Hongki.love @soompi (translation)

100630 Jonghun Cyworld Update

..Looks like the sky is crying

Credits: Jonghun’s cy+Hongki.love @soompi (translation)


Yong Ha hyung…….

고 인의 명복을 빕니다….
I send my condolences to the deceased/May you be happy in heaven…. *[basically, Rest in peace.]

Source: soompi

Hongki & Jonghun talk about Park YongHa who was a famed actor and singer and suicided at the age of 33…. so sad….. I Hope YongHa oppa rest in peace T_T

huhuhu…T_T q jg nangis coz q nge fan ma Park YongHa… Sedih mendengar dia bunuh diri, mudah2an damai di surga^^ i never forget u^^


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